Do you have a 20/20 vision? I’m not talking about your eyes, I’m talking about your mind and how you see today, tomorrow and visualize how things will be 5, 10 & even 20 years from now.

Life is hard, “STUFF” happens and at the most inconvenient times. We get up, sometimes just in time to be pushed right back down. So it can be easy to get discouraged and you may want to give up, but please don’t.

Instead, take a moment to assess your current situation and be brutally honest with yourself. When things get “BLUE” do you lose all vision? Do you tend to act like a victim or a victor?” Let’s talk about the difference.

A victim has little to no vision. They can’t seem to see past where they are right at that moment. It’s like they are stuck in “P” (park) and if they’re not careful they may be headed into “R” (reverse).

On the other hand, Victor is a problem solver. Often assessing and adjusting, thinking of how to get beyond this moment🧐. The victor is intentional about getting a clear vision of where they want to be. They have learned the ability to problem solve and take action. This is something that is learned. It takes lots and lots of practice.

Every mistake I make or obstacle that falls in my path, I go into autopilot with these thoughts “ how am I going to get around it, over it or through it?” I don’t think about failing, I just think about the benefits of getting up.

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from seeing and believing what you are so capable and deserving of.

Put your imaginary VISION GOGGLES on. Then SEE and BELIEVE that you can have better: a better future, better health, be happier, increased income, better circumstances, positive attitude, more gratitude, more love, more support and the ability to succeed.

Intentionally practice…and REPEAT 

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