Dieting vs. Healthy Lifestyle Mentality

Let’s Be Honest…. How many of you have lost the same 10, 20 or 30+ pounds over and over again? When this is repeated often, it can be super harmful to your body and can really play a mind game on your confidence and self esteem. Diets Don’t Work If there is one message I would like to get across…

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Meet Your Blogger

Let’s get to know one another, shall we?  I’ll go first!  I am happily married  Love my crazy 8 (kids) and all of their little munchkins  Consider myself a pretty cool gramma (slang for Grandma, Nana, Oma, GiGi.) My kryptonite is Mexican food and anything chocolate with peanut butter I just started piano lessons My favorite healthy hot drink is Unimate, & my favorite healthy…

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